Control Zine

Control ‘Zine brings us back

Artwork by Mike Bartz Back in the eighties and nineties, the indie scene was chockablock with short-run Xerox’d ‘zines crammed with political screeds, interviews with indie bands, short stories, street poetry, comics, etc. Control takes us back to that time with its punk aesthetic and content.  The mixture of typewriter fonts and scratchy handwriting laid out in…

Kaylie Marie Still

Discover a star: Kaylee Marie Still

You might discover Kaylee Marie Still’s star power on Instagram via her sultry, smoky covers of classic pop songs from the seventies and eighties. She sings directly into the camera, so you feel like the recording engineer – your phone becomes the window of the sound booth. And keeping with that metaphor, this is just…

Ryan Greene AKA Chikenhead Johnson on stage with band

Ryan Greene (AKA Chickenhead Johnson)

To consider local SF Bay Area MC, singer and songwriter Ryan Greene a prolific artist would be an understatement. Since the mid-80’s, Bay Area native, Ryan Greene has devoted his life path to music and for this, has reaped the benefits of being a tenacious and charismatic staple in the Bay Area music scene. Making…

Pete logo


Pete, an indie shoe gaze band from the early 90s, have recently re-issued their double 7″ single “Iron On / ExStasis” on colored vinyl in the perfect color combo for a band from that era- blue and orange. Rad.

James Zero

James Zero

We don’t know much about James Zero – just that he is an alternative singer-songwriter born in the late 1900s somewhere in the Eastern parts of North America and that he has just released his sophomore album “Oceans (& Other Bodies of Water)”. What we do know is that we have his song “Watermelon” on…

Brown Brown -trippy, deeply personal and authentic music

Brown Brown

Our new favorite artist, Brown Brown has been making trippy, funky, spacey, deeply personal and dead-ass real music for decades. His music videos are like collages, with lots of layered imagery- so much to dig into. The place to start is his YouTube channel. though you’re gonna want to follow him on TikTok and Instagram as…

Hollywood sign represents indie movies, indie films, indie flicks

Meta-list of all time best Indie Flicks

Look: There are hundred of thousands of movies out there for you to watch. All we’re saying is that these are the ones you should put at the top of your list.The Best Movies of All TimeWhat to Watch Again and AgainMust-Sees from Decades PastFeel-Good FilmsGuilty PleasuresFunniest MoviesAdventures FilmsFour Stars from Roger Ebert100% Approval on…



Nina Luther, recording under the name Angelsightings, has released her debut EP “Captivity” available on Spotify just in time to soothe your soul from the craziness out in the world right now. Like her moniker implies, The 4 song EP features Luther’s angelic voice, ethereal acoustic guitar and a smattering of other swirly and tinkly sounds.…