Brown Brown -trippy, deeply personal and authentic music

Brown Brown

Our new favorite artist, Brown Brown has been making trippy, funky, spacey, deeply personal and dead-ass real music for decades. His music videos are like collages, with lots of layered imagery- so much to dig into. The place to start is his YouTube channel. though you’re gonna want to follow him on TikTok and Instagram as…

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Meta-list of all time best Indie Flicks

Look: There are hundred of thousands of movies out there for you to watch. All we’re saying is that these are the ones you should put at the top of your list.The Best Movies of All TimeWhat to Watch Again and AgainMust-Sees from Decades PastFeel-Good FilmsGuilty PleasuresFunniest MoviesAdventures FilmsFour Stars from Roger Ebert100% Approval on…



Nina Luther, recording under the name Angelsightings, has released her debut EP “Captivity” available on Spotify just in time to soothe your soul from the craziness out in the world right now. Like her moniker implies, The 4 song EP features Luther’s angelic voice, ethereal acoustic guitar and a smattering of other swirly and tinkly sounds.…

CB app by Ben Carroll

CB by Ben Carroll

CB allows you to listen to CB app broadcasters for free, anywhere in the world. At its core, the CB app is designed to function like an old-fashioned Citizen’s Band radio, but with unlimited range. An in-app purchase unlocks broadcasting so you can get in on the fun! Your privacy and safety are very important…

Chintsy Bundles

Chintzy Bundles

Singer/guitarist Alex “Kula” Baker and bassist Kristen “Wheels” Wheeler got together to play Bowie and T-Rex covers and werejoined by drummer Chris Westcott and expanded their repertoire to include originals. Known as “Thee Off Sides,” they recruited guitarist Jeff Hawkes and began doing more originals. After a handful of gigs, they recorded a 5-song EP…

Julien Poirier

Julien Poirier

Julien Poirier is a poet born in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the author of several poetry collections, and the editor of an anthology of writing and a book of travel journals Articles: Going Crazy in New York and San Francisco: An Interview with Poet Julien Poirier  

Doctor Popular

Doctor Popular

Doc first started making electronic music on his Playstation using MTV Music Generator. Shortly after, he started making beats with circuit bent toys and Reason, but just found that the more powerful the software the less inspired he was to write new material. Now Doc writes his songs on Gameboys and iPhones. He also happens…